Academic Advancement Program (AAP) hosts Transfer Scholars’ Day

This invitation-only event will take place on the morning of Bruin Day for transfer students, May 13. It offers admitted transfers and their guests the chance to learn more about AAP and other exceptional academic opportunities at UCLA, such as the Transfer Summer Program and innovative science programs. Prospective students can speak with current Bruin transfers in their major and have all their questions answered. Light refreshments and lunch are provided.

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The American Indian Student Association hosts Transfer Admit Weekend

The American Indian Student Association (AISA) welcomes American Indian students for an informative and fun-filled day on campus on Saturday, May 13. If you attend, you will have the opportunity to meet with a panel of Native transfer students and alumni who will discuss what it means to be a Native Bruin. You can also meet with department advisors to ask questions, get acquainted with other student-life organizations and tour housing. The day will end with a relaxing dinner with current Native students and alumni to learn more about the opportunities Native students can look forward to at UCLA.

If you have any questions, please contact Curtis Hall at

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Black Bruin Transfer Success hosts Black Transfer Extravaganza

Black Transfer Extravaganza 2017 on Friday, May 12, provides an excellent opportunity for transfers of Afrikan descent to obtain key information about financial aid, scholarships, Greek life and outreach opportunities available through the UCLA Center for Community College Partnerships. Current and alumni black transfers will be on hand to share their personal experiences about transferring to UCLA, and a variety of workshops and presentations will go over the resources available to black transfer students at UCLA.

For more information, please visit us our website.

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El Movimiento Estudiantil Chicana/o de Aztlán (MEChA) hosts Transfer Raza Day

MEChA invites newly admitted, self-identified Chicanx and Latinx students and their families to attend the 14th annual Transfer Raza Day (TRD) on Friday, May 12. Designed to help facilitate the transition from community college to the university system, TRD will inform attendees about the resources available for students of color at UCLA, as well as in the greater Los Angeles community. The event features inspirational guest speakers, lively performances, a People of Color tour of campus and informative workshops. Attendees will have the chance to connect with other transfers, and Raza students will host admitted transfers who wish to stay overnight to get a glimpse of life in the residence halls. This free event includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Find out more about Transfer Raza Day or email.

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The Pacific Islands’ Student Association hosts Transfer Admit Weekend

The Pacific Islands’ Student Association (PISA) invites newly admitted Pacific Islander transfer students to attend the 2017 PISA Transfer Admit Weekend on Saturday, May 13, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. This informative event will include a campus tour, community meals, a meet and greet with professors and the chance to connect with other Pacific Islander students.

If you have questions regarding the event, email Karla Thomas at or Cecilia Su’a at, or visit our Facebook page.

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Pilipino Transfer Student Partnership hosts Student Empowerment Networking Day (SEND)

Pilipino Transfer Student Partnership (PTSP) at UCLA cordially invites newly accepted Bruins to attend Student Empowerment Networking Day on Friday, May 12. This day of fun activities and workshops provides a welcoming environment for attendees to get to know UCLA and its Pilipino transfer community, share transfer experiences and make new friends.

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Southeast Asian Coalition hosts Southeast Asian Admit Transfer Enrichment Day (SEATED)

Newly admitted Southeast Asian transfers are invited to the sixth annual Southeast Asian Admit Transfer Enrichment Day on Friday, May 12. With about one-third of the UCLA population comprised of transfer students, SEATED was created to ensure the representation of Southeast Asian transfer students. The informative day will include workshops, panelists and other events designed to make the transition to UCLA as smooth as possible. SEATED is free to all student participants, and includes a free dining experience in one of the nation’s top-ranked dining facilities. A formal invitation will be sent out with the event application, deadlines and itinerary.

Email or find out more here.

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Transfer Student Alliance hosts Pilot Day

Experience everything UCLA has to offer firsthand at Preparation in the Life of a Transfer Day (PILOT Day), a free event on Friday, May 12, for admitted transfer students. You will have the chance to meet other transfers, both current and future Bruins, tour the campus with students sharing your major and attend student panels and workshops highlighting the tremendous resources and networks available to help you succeed at this world-class university. To attend, RSVP through your UCLA Undergraduate Admission account. Space is limited, so please confirm your spot as soon as possible.

Find out more and see the agenda for PILOT Day here. Email questions to

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